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why inclusion needs to be at the top of your agenda:

it gives you the edge

your people need it

Essential in this economic climate, cultivating an incusive culture increases productivity, improves customer / client service, helps you recruit and retain the best staff.

Covid has left an impact on everybody and now, more than ever, in the hybrid working world, your people need to feel they are valued members of the team. 

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People feel excluded and unvalued for many reasons. It could arise from characteristics like race, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc. It could be connected with the way they think, dress, sound, etc. or any combination of these. Inclusion is about creating a culture where difference is seen, valued and used to add value to your organisation.

                                             Taking Inclusion seriously 

                         means more than running a few courses 

               for your managers. I will work with you to build 

     and maintain a truly inclusive culture. Watch the

video above to see why you should talk to me

   about  your needs.

This is what Investors In People says about Diversity and Inclusion:

And this is what a Staff Development Manager says about us:


'The impact of the ALT training at NPTC Group of Colleges cannot be underestimated.'   

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