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In 2021, Active Learning Team won the contract to deliver Inclusion training for the Met Office, beating 17 other training providers in the competition for this prestigious project. 

The Met Office has a well-established Inclusion programme, with many supporting structures such as Diversity Networks, an Ally Community, Dignity and Respect At Work team, and the use of Team Charters. Our role was to provide training and development to enhance this foundation. Here is what we have done with them so far:

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The whole process began with conversations to help us understand the needs of the organisation and its expectations for the project. This meant talking to key stakeholders across the Met Office. Through 13 meetings with Diversity Networks, Learning and Development and HR, we built a clear picture where the organisation was on its Inclusion journey and began to understand how we could help it speed up. 

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Our task was to design an online Inclusion course that could engage and inspire staff to take up their part in building an inclusive culture. This involved creating experiential exercises that would work remotely, video scenarios that would stimulate discussion in a safe way and a course structure that would lead participants through a reflection and learning process, leaving them positive, challenged, and ready for action.

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This is a 3.5-hour, online / face to face course with 3 elements:


  • Individual Preparation – participants watch 3 short videos, to introduce key ideas and prepare them for the Group Session

  • Group Session – a 3.5 hour Teams session, using specially created video case studies, experiential exercises and group discussion

  • Individual Consolidation – participants access an electronic handbook, further video materials and a peer-supported action plan to help put the learning into practice in their work.


The course was piloted with 2 selected cohorts to allow rigorous evaluation before the full roll-out began.

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Better Together

an Inclusion course for all staff


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'Andy is an excellent trainer, very enthusiastic and engaging. The course was very enjoyable.'

Staff Development Manager

This is a 2 x 3-hour, online course that builds on Better Together to support the particular responsibilities managers have in building an inclusive culture with their team. It is based on the same research-based approach (Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership, Catalyst, 2021) to enable all staff to develop a shared understanding and practical application of the principles.

Leading Inclusive


an Inclusion course for managers


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The skills learnt from the course will help me support my team and I am beginning to use them right away.

Senior  Manager

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We designed and facilitated a full-day group coaching session for senior leaders in a Met Office Directorate, to explore how they could develop interdisciplinary approaches to leadership. The day involved experiential exercises, developing creative presentations and active action planning exercises.

With another Senior Leadership Team, we have developed a longer-term coaching programme, which includes an initial group session, followed by individual, online coaching sessions and a final group sessions to draw lessons and create an ongoing inclusion action plan.

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All the programmes have ongoing evaluation, with participant feedback, 6-monthly reviews and periodic online focus groups, enabling us to develop the courses in response to staff needs and changes in the wider social environment.

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