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Training is an important part of all our Inclusion projects, but not the kind that just gives people information - definitions, policies, inclusion models, etc. This knowledge is important, but it needs to be underpinned by an understanding of the conscious prejudices and unconscious biases that shape the behaviour within an organisation. Without working on how to change these attitudes and beliefs, without challenging old thinking, we cannot build an inclusive culture. 

And this is where our Active Learning approach is vital. This kind of understanding cannot be imposed on people, it must arise from an open discussion, within a safe environment, where participants can engage on an emotional and intellectual level. Our specialist use of experiential exercises, drama-based methods, and video case studies gives staff a safe but challenging environment in which to explore and the practical tools to play an active role in building Inclusion.

All our programmes are tailored to meet your needs, once we've understood the particular barriers and opportunities your people have. Courses can be delivered face-to-face, online or in a hybrid combination. Here are some typical courses, developed for existing clients:



Leading Inclusive Teams

An Inclusion programme for all leaders and managers, giving them the opportunity to explore their own positive and negative traits and use the latest Inclusion research to plan what to change in the way they lead their team.

The programme has 3 elements:

Individual Preparation

Participants watch short, engaging videos and practice some simple observation exercises, introducing key ideas and preparing them for the Group Session



Group Session

A full or half-day group session, face-to-face or online, using video case studies, engaging active and experiential exercises and group discussion


Individual Consolidation

Participants have access to an electronic handbook, further video materials and self-assessment to help put their learning into practice.


Building Inclusive Teams

An Inclusion programme for all staff across your organisation, giving them the opportunity to explore the role they can play in building an Inclusive Culture and develop a shared understanding of the key behaviours and principles their managers have been trained in.

The programme uses the same 3-element approach outlined above.


Unconscious Bias

... and what to do about it

A practical, engaging exploration of why we are prone to cognitive biases, how they affect participants' behaviour towards colleagues and every decision they make at work and, most importantly, how they can put in place simple new habits that will help reduce biased behaviours. 

and mental wellbeing!


Securing the mental wellbeing of your staff is a vital part of building an Inclusive Culture. We have specialist Mental Health trainers and many years of experience designing & delivering engaging training and staff support events.


'The impact of the ALT training at NPTC Group of Colleges cannot be overestimated. By engaging with ALT on a number of projects there has been a change in the attitude to training as a whole as staff come to the sessions with the expectation that the development will be relevant and inspiring.'

Staff Development Manager

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