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Every organisation has different people, different circumstances, different opportunities and barriers, so our approach to building an inclusive culture is different for every client. It is essential that this is not just a ‘tick box’ exercise but one that actually shifts the culture of your organisation.

For some organisations, it means starting from scratch, using all the inclusion elements shown below. For others, it means selecting elements to enhance what they've already done. 

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a typical full Inclusion programme:
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We find out how things are at the moment, what works and what needs working on. We talk to people right across the organisation – from ‘frontline’ staff to senior management and HR using staff surveys, focus groups and individual interviews.

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We support your key influencers with one-to-one and group coaching to help identify their own barriers to being inclusive leaders and find strategies to lower them.

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We use the extensive knowledge and experience of our team to develop the best inclusion programme for you.

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We work with you to review your existing EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) practices and policies or create new ones.

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We help you design and set up support structures, such as Diversity Groups, Ally Networks and Equality Champions.

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We work with your people at every level, ensuring a shared understanding of Inclusion, why it's good for everyone and the behaviours that get in the way. Our engaging courses build commitment to the project and provide a toolkit of actions that will help ensure success.

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We work with you to develop an evaluation approach that will measure short and long term impact and assist in improving the programme.

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Our aim is to leave you with a robust and self-sufficient Inclusive culture, with your own experts and champions but we will always be there to support you with advice and further interventions.

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Success depends on building trust with your people, and between them, and here our clear and transparent communication skills are invaluable.

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