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Screen-based communication

How to reduce 'Zoom fatigue':

  • Is a video call really necessary? Limit the number of them in each day. Sometimes a phone call would be better because people can just focus on the voice and maybe walk around while they’re talking

  • Don’t delve straight into business, spend a little time catching up or checking wellbeing. It helps connect us, maintain trust and reduce fatigue and concern

  • Build in breaks between VCs

  • Keep meetings as short as possible. If they need to be more than 20 minutes, then have an agreement that people can take short screen breaks, not to wander off but just to look away from the screen for a minute or turn off their camera – trust that they are still there and listening! Trust is essential.

  • Avoid Multitasking – studies show that it actually makes people less productive. Close any tabs, notifications or programmes that might distract you.

  • Don't look at yourself - minimise the window that shows you to yourself

  • Reduce clutter. Ask people to sit somewhere with a very plain background or set up a simple virtual background – don’t allow people to be distracted by what’s on your mantle piece!

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