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The Coaching For Inclusion programme is bespoke for each organisation, depending on your particular structures, internal dynamics and readiness levels, but it will be based on these elements: 


Surveying the terrain

We need to understand the existing culture of your organisation by:

  • Talking to your staff

  • Talking to your managers

  • Reviewing your structures, policies, etc. 

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Preparing the ground

6 Inclusion coaching sessions (2 hours each) with senior leaders, to explore:

  • The value of Inclusion for your organisation

  • The current situation in your organisation

  • The barriers to inclusion – attitudes, behaviours and structures

  • The impact of unconscious bias and how to reduce it

  • Finding opportunities for change

  • How to put the ideas into action

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Growing the culture

Embedding the new ideas in your organisation with ongoing work that can include:​

  • Training for staff and managers

  • Reorganisation of existing structures and processes

  • Establishing new networks such as Inclusion Champions

  • Establishing new ways of monitoring and assessing the impact of a more inclusive culture

  • Ongoing coaching and support for key staff

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Now contact Andy to see how the programme can work for you 

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