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Resilience is the result of how you recharge not how you endure.

Naseem Nicolas Taleb - Antifragile 


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There are many different ways in which you can allow yourself to recharge:

  • reminding yourself of the meaning of your work for you - why do you keep doing it?

  • taking breaks, doing something different, 'switching off' at the end of your work

  • maintaining positive relationships with those around you - at home and at work

  • making sure you get plenty of healthy food, drink, exercise and sleep


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Remember Viktor Frankl - finding the meaning in what you

do can get you through the hardest of times. It doesn't matter

how grand or everyday your meaning is, it's about what keeps

you going, what's important for you.

Mental Recharge

Remember to take breaks from your work - to rest or just do something different. Help to delineate your work and 'home' life, your professional and personal self by creating your:


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Emotional Recharge


Remember Dr John Gottman's advice - to sustain healthy relationships, the ratio of positive to negative interactions needs to be at least 5 : 1. The same applies in work teams. What is the ratio in your team and is there anything you can do to increase the positive interactions? It can be as small as remembering to smile or as big as organising some kind of social event.

Physical Recharge

Remember that eating, drinking, exercising and sleeping well is essential in building and maintaining your resilience. Are there any improvements you can make?



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