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Updated: May 2

Decades of work on lowering barriers for people who face discrimination and exclusion in the workplace and society is under attack. I’ve been working in the social justice and EDI field for 35 years, so I take this very personally! And it’s a powerful assault - led from the highest levels of government, through institutions like the Civil Service, down to local councils. The need to cut budgets has given the ‘anti-woke’ crew exactly what they need to get rid of all these ‘ridiculous EDI jobs’ (Daily Mail) and try to turn the clock of progress back to the 70s. Of course, we must resist this onslaught, but I think we also need to take an honest look at what EDI has achieved and what we need to change to strengthen our fight. I will be posting my thoughts over the next few weeks. If you’d like to contribute, please let me know.

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